We specialize in managing delinquent accounts receivables, and we provide a range of Dallas debt collection services to help your business collect on past due accounts.
At WRA, we provide top-notch ARM & BPO services. We work continuously with you to refine and enhance every aspect of our working relationship.
We are committed to providing outstanding consumer relations by treating our clients’ consumers with care. Contact us today for rapid debt recovery services.

Our Key Components

A Shared Vision

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. WRA defines a quality partnership by the total value and respect we provide to our clients.

Credit Reporting

We report to all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Our Houston and Dallas debt collection locations will always look out for your best interest.

Online Access 24/7

We believe in total transparency as a fundamental element of a true quality partnership. We give our clients online access to their accounts 24/7/365.

Outstanding Consumer Relations

Unlike most agencies, WRA takes a counseling approach to collections. We work with consumers and use a collaborative process to find a perfect and manageable payoff solution for each individual.

Client Services

Our approach to client services is to provide you with a total service package built around your definition of an ideal agency relationship.  We will work with you to refine and enhance every aspect of our relationship.


“WRA has been friendly and open minded to hear me out so they are able to address my needs as a client. Had some surprising debt recoveries as well.”
“The representative that helped me with my debt was very accommodating and did everything she could to help me out. Very appreciative.”
“Exceptional management and collections staff! They follow all the collection laws and I thoroughly appreciate the way that they handle themselves.”
“Our company has had the opportunity to work with William Rush and Associated for nearly 5 years. In this organization clients’ needs come first and the professional manner in which our customers are handled is second to none. Sean and his team go above beyond delivering impressive results. I highly recommend Williams and Rush for any a/r needs.”






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