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Accounts Receivable Management, Debt Collection in Dallas, TX

Recovery Services
Williams Rush & Associates works with debtors to resolve delinquent accounts. We are committed to providing a full range of collection solutions by maximizing the percentage of outstanding receivables recovery in an efficient and expense reducing way that ensures your reputation is not impacted in a negative way.

We manage customer accounts receivables, holding down the expense of debt collections when those accounts go into default and specialize in the collection of consumer and commercial debts. We are able to find people via our skip tracing software.

Our procedures are set up to provide maximum attention to each account. Whatever program that you opt
for, we are going to provide maximum attention and maximum effort on each account with our superior recovery services at all account levels.

Legal Solutions
Once all collection remedies have been exhausted, we forward the account to our attorneys and pursue legal remedies. We may attempt to demand payment in full or may have to initiate legal remedies in order to obtain a judgment to force a debtor to pay. First, we must file a judgment and then we file for the garnishment to validate the debt.

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